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22 juin 2012 5 22 /06 /juin /2012 01:23

In about two months, we're hightailing it outta here. The days when I was religiously listening to Clare FM to make sure I woudn't catch a local accent are long gone. As a matter of fact, I'be been walking the walk probably more than talking the talk because there's no taking the French out of my accent anyway. Regardless, now that moving is getting more imminent than ever, I'm starting to inventorize all the things I'm going to miss, from right turns on red to mani-pedis at the Venus Spa salon. All of it should result in a busy to-do list adding to the pile of moving duties...

- shopping at TJ-max and Loehman's
- shopping at Trousseau and Lion's Lair (what will I ever do without them?)
- eating sushi - recent experience seems to indicate that Paris sushi suck!
- amazon free delivery of books and DVDs without subtitles to my door
- watching favorite shows on Hulu
- eggs benedict for brunch
- friendly service and good food at Rumba cafe

... but in the end we're essentially talking about shopping and dinning, just what one needs to take away the stress of packing!

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A. 20/07/2012 06:03

Thanks for the pointers - I might rely on trips to the US to splurge though :-)

InK 27/06/2012 21:56


J'ai ouï que rue St Anne (1er et 2e arrodissement), il y avait une palanquée de restaurant Japonais Japonais (ie pas forcément que les classiques sushi).

mixlamalice 27/06/2012 15:31

There are good spots for sushi in Paris even though i am not a specialist. You just have to accept to pay the price (less than 20€ for a good 1-person plate: not a good idea). Isami on
ile saint louis is definitely one of the best, quite expensive (probably around 50€ for a full meal).