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1 septembre 2012 6 01 /09 /septembre /2012 00:01

If you're moving overseas - or any place where storing left-over gear in Grandma's attic is not an option, really, you may want to consider the following: 

1. Whatever you think you're going to pack, up that by 50% and that is likely still a low estimation of what you will end up packing

2. Reconsider saving best for last. Even if it seems to make sense to hold off packing the items you use the most on an every day basis, and/or the items you like the most until the end so that you can enjoy them longer before the move, don't. Just pack it all, the sooner the better. Because otherwise you will end up with all these prized items that need to be packed at the 11th hour when suitcases are already bursting and over the airline-approved weight limit. So chances are, around 4 am, some will get packed poorly and suffer during the trip, and some won't even make the trip because you're just too weary of shifting stuff around for the gazillionth time. 

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