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19 décembre 2013 4 19 /12 /décembre /2013 10:11

I thought that passive agressive notes were essentially an art practised in North America were I have seen my share of specimen from roomates and office mates. I have also laughed and sympathized with folks who publicly display these bouts of everyday frustrations. In France, people are probably just as passive agressive as everywhere else, they just don't display it in notes. Or so I thought. 


The other day, I had to take a personnal phone call at work, so I wandered in the halls in search of a quiet place where to talk privately. That's how I ended up in the building's public shower room and saw this:



[If you shed hair in the shower, please clean up after yourself, it's freakin' disgusting!]


It was quite the revelation :-)

I'm also compelled to report that looking up passive agressive behaviour on Wikipedia revealed that there is a dedicated page in French and an ICD code for it! 


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